How to improve your writing skills as a Blogger

How to improve your writing skills as a Blogger

As a professional blogger or a blogging aspirant, the 2 most important qualities expected from you are:

1. Niche knowledge or Expertise
2. Ability to convey the idea to your readers

The first quality will grow with time and experience while the second skill (writing) is very vital for the success of a blog! I am damn sure that all the top bloggers aren’t Phd’s in English and yet they manage to pursue a successful blogging career. I know the fact that I am not the best writer around but I believe I am quite successful in conveying my ideas across to my audience. My writing skills have improved over the years of blogging because I have made a deliberate effort and commitment to improve my writing skills.bit you too feel that you have scope for improvement as a writer, the below tips will certainly help you improve your writing skills!

Analyze, understand and rate your self: to grow as a professional, it’s critical that you have an understanding on where you stand at present. Evaluate your writing skills and identify the areas you need improvement, it could be in grammar, user interaction or even framing sentences. Once you identify the growth prospectives you can certainly work towards your goal.

Try to develop a reading Habit to improve your writing: I’ve observed that most of the people who love to read a lot tend to have great linguistic skill. Be it other blogs or books, reading will certainly help you improve as a writer. Read quality blogs and observe their unique way of writing and interaction with their readers – this will help you improve your own writing skills.

Read before you publish: I used to have a very bad habit of writing articles for my blogs and publishing right away even without even doing a proof reading. Simply reading through your completed article is a good practice as it could help you identify mistakes in areas like sentence framing that needs your attention.

Take home: shaping yourselves into a good writer and blogger is not an overnight task, keep working and a good learning curve will leave you rewarded!

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