How to Increase website Rankings

How to Increase website Rankings

A regular question I receive as query from newbie webmasters! Basically it depends on how you define the term “Ranking”. The most popular ranking systems on the Internet are:

1. Google Page Rank
2. Alexa website rank
3. Compete traffic rank

All the above forms of rankings are unique in their own ways but relate commonly to the website traffic and authority. Google page rank is a measure of the authority of the website as per Google that they consider various factors like link age, number of high PR back links to the domain etc. While Alexa rank is a vague approximation of the number of Alexa toolbar users visiting the website. Compete traffic ranking is measured from the data sources that calculates the popularity of the website among USA and Canada visitors mainly.

Together we can sum up that rankings are basically derived from the number of unique visitors or page-views a particular website serves in a speculated period of time. If you see looking forward to improve your website ranking here is a broad list o activities you need to work on:

1. Primarily work hard on improving the content on your website for the targeted audience. Provide as much as value and quality through the information published on your websites.

2. Never ignore the importance of SEO and write content with the on-page and off-page SEO techniques in mind.

3. Promote and publicize your Website effectively with the help of social networks often referred to as social media optimization (SMO).

4. Network with other websites and promote your website as a team. Write guest posts and articles on other blogs and websites to promote your website through a do-follow link back.

5. Be organized and patient – build your website as a brand with unique and quality content as the foundation to your growth.

Take home: try not to get carried away in the rank race! Concentrate on improving the value offered through your website and monitor our progress through dependable sources like Google analytics or your web host’s traffic monitoring system.

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