How to instantly increase website traffic

How to instantly increase website traffic?

If you were to start a new website, this should be your biggest aim and concern, Increase the website traffic and that too, fast! Increasing website traffic instantly is no more a myth, with the golden ticket of Social networking.

Yes, this is the specialty of the new era of Internet marketing and websites. If you want to quickly pump up your website traffic, you don’t need to wait until your SERP rankings increase on search engines, you simply have to use social networking smartly and effectively.

SEO vs. Social networking traffic

If you were to compare the difference between social networking traffic vs. the SEO traffic, the below are the major differences:

  • SEO traffic slowly increases over time
  • SN traffic is instant and huge
  • SN traffic can be easily achieved
  • SEO traffic needs loads of hard and smart work to achieve over time.
  • SN traffic is les targeted than SEO traffic
  • SEO traffic is consistent and regular.
  • SN traffic depends on exposure to your tweet or message

To sum up, if you have a relatively newer blog, the best approach to build a good user base and traffic, is to opt for the Social networking approach. Never forget the roots of internet and ignore SEO, it should be a regular and continued effort for a longer run.

I use TweetAdder to improve my follower base quickly and add over 500 followers a day, this helps me to speed up my social networking efforts drastically and achieve my goals faster.

For my older blogs, I use both SEO and SN hand in hand to enjoy both the juicesJ. Hope this article was helpful in identify how to instantly increase your website traffic.


  1. Sunil Saha April 5, 2011
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