How to keep your visitors coming back to your Blog

How to keep your visitors coming back to your Blog

Have you ever compared your blog’s new visitors vs returning visitors. I could quite confidently say that the returning visitors percentage would be much lower when compared to the new visitors count. Have you ever imagined about the growth in traffic if the number of returning visitors could be improved – the change would be a superb one!

First time visitors Vs Returning visitors

There are few differences that we should understand between these two critical category of visitors. The major difference between firstime visitors and returning visitors arethat you as a blogger has failed to leave a lasting impression on the non returing visitors!

The major reasons that might not convert a new visitor to a returning visitor are:

  • They were not impressed with the content on your website
  • They did not find what they were looking for
  • The ergonomics of the website (look and feel) might have turned them off
  • You have failed to get them bookmark or save the website
  • They simply might have found a better Blog or website

 7 Ways to to convert a new visitors to a returning visitor:

  • Always build niche specific blogs
  • Write content of great quality and value
  • Have a simple and elegant blog design
  • Enable the Newsletter subscription on your blog to remind old visitors to come back
  • Avoid stuffing your blog with advertisements and shooing your visitors away
  • Have your own unique style of blogging and leave an impression
  • Interact with your users by asking questions to them through every post


Now lets talk some numbers! Imagine if your blog recieves 100,000 visitors a month and you only have 20% of the visitors as returning visitors. Imagine you are able to increase the returning visitors count to 50%  – That means the next month you receive 20+50 = 70% more visitors and that makes it 170,000 visitors next month!

This means the conversion almost increases your website traffic exponentially every month leading to a steady and explosive growth in traffic. Value your every visitor and make sure you talk to them on a personal level and respond to their opinions and comments.

Take Home: Visitor is the king and everything depends on the traffic and exposure. Concentrate on this conversion every time you write a new article for your blog. Wishing you all the luck and success!