How to know if my website or blog is blacklisted in Search Engine

Basically there are two types of search engine. Optimization – white hat SRO and black hat seo. Its similar to the terminology used in hacking where white hat stands for penetration testing with approval and back hat un-ethical hacking attempt.  In SEO white hat SEO stands for ethical methods of link building and search engine Optimization  – both on page and off page SEO. often back hat optimization techniques gives you fast and tempting results but eventually the website ends up being banned from search engines or loose their page ranks or even getting pushed down from search engine search results.

Now you might get the question, how would I know if my website is banned from Google of search engine ? Its simple – just search your domain name as it is in Google and if you don’t get any results either you are in a sandbox or your website is banned.

Now how to check your website reputation in Google or your website spam level – you could check it here.

How check if Domain or Email MX record is blacklisted

  • Go to MX Toolbox
  • Enter the domain name of the website inside the lookup box and select the button [MX Lookup]
  • you would see the following options Preference, Host Name, IP Address, TTL, and you’ll see two buttons (Diagnostics & Blacklists)
  • Click on the Blacklists button and you’ll see a screen with the site’s IP address in a box.
  • Click the [Blacklist Check] button

Check for the results now and if the result is “OK” then everything is cool, else you would find the explanation also there.

How check if website is blacklisted in google?

The best method of checking your site complete status on google is to sign up with google webmaster tools at the link: Google webmaster Tools

You can get to know a vast amount of information on crawl date and extent of crawl by google bots and the indexing frequency. Below is the screen-shot of  dashboard options and how you would be analyze it.

PS: Hope this article was useful. Now the take home from this article is always use white hat search engine optimization and shortcuts don’t always work well


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