How to make money from yahoo answers

How to make money from yahoo answers

How to make money from yahoo answers

Ever considered earning income from yahoo answers? If you have not yet thought about it then it’s not a bad idea at all. Yahoo answers is a great application that is rapidly gaining popularity in the recent times.

If you have been using Google search engine frequently you might have already come across many Yahoo answer pages at the top of the search results. This explains how effortless it is to get noticed through yahoo answers!

Yahoo is a very reputed website with high page-rank enabling you to bring your answers to the masses without any search engine optimization efforts.

Now let me share how you can use the yahoo popularity to fill up your wallet. It’s simple, this is an indirect monitozation strategy by which you can lead the potential visitors to:

1. Your sales page
2. To product website through an affiliate link
3. To your website to gain direct traffic

Any of the above methods could help you to earn from your website through either improving traffic or by converting to affiliate sales.

Now, you might be thinking how do I do it in a smart way so as to get this working effectively. All you have to do is search yahoo answers with your niche keywords and find relevant questions that people might be seeking answers for.

The best method is by quickly getting it to the grove of Answering questions and gain some respect and reputation as an expert in your niche ( this is going to help you in the long run if you are planning to continue to earn from yahoo answers).

Once you answer few questions and feel comfortable and sure to help people with great information along with leaving a link to your website, gradually start promoting your website pages that has information along with affiliate links.

The best part with yahoo answers is that the answer continues to covert and bring people to your website for ever.

Rinse and repeat this formulae – use the potential of this great tool to your favor!


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