How to make money online Blogging

How to make money online Blogging

Blogging is no more a hobby! It’s a profession for many Internet marketing experts and webmasters across the globe. Blogging could be more appropriately mentioned as content management or Knowledge sharing business model.

The basic workflow of this excellent business model that has been tried and tested many times is:

Content -> Traffic -> Money

Monetizing your blog means converting the traffic to your website by deploying different methods and yet maintaining the balance between promoted content and legitimate content.

How to make money online Blogging

How to know if your Blog is ready to be monetized?

Have you ever imagined you giving a speech without any audience? Early deployment of advertisements on to your blogs or websites is no different. Advertisements get converted into click only when there is exponentially much higher traffic to your blog or website.

Am sure you would hate watching a movie with frequent commercial breaks. Similarly, it often irritates legitimate visitor to your blog when you have too much of advertisements. I would strongly recommend you to have absolutely no advertisements on your blog or website for the first 3 –6 months of your new b log.

Continue to write great content and fill it with valuable information for your visitors and the growth rate will be certainly higher when compared to a blog stuffed with advertisements. Keeping the blog clean will also help improve the time spent on website by users as well.

As soon as you feel you have enough traffic to your website, gradually introduce advertisements at strategic locations on your blog to give them the best exposure. Use minimum advertisements and keep experimenting ad placements to ensure maximum benefit.

Direct Monetization from your Blog

Out of the different monetization methods, the most easy direct monetization methods are:

  • CPC – Cost per click ads (Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks etc.)
  • Banner Advertisements (

The above two methods can be utilized to monetize your blogs directly. Banner advertisements will only start to work out in your favor when you have a huge number of page views. The most appropriate form of advertisements for new blogs is Google Adsense.

Affiliate marketing method to monetize your Blog

In a nutshell, Affiliate marketing is all about recommending and selling through your blog and a commission of the sales amount is paid to you as your affiliate income. The affiliate sales are tracked with the help of the cookie file stored on the user’s computer when they click on your referral link.

To be a successful Affiliate marketer

  • Identify a niche to start a blog on.
  • Improve your niche authority on the Internet.
  • Continue to deliver quality content of great value.
  • Improve traffic.
  • Recommend your niche related products that might be of your visitor’s interest.
  • Earn commissions.

For a more detailed explanation and guidance on affiliate marketing, you could read my affiliate marketing guide. To learn on how to manually install and automate affiliate link cloaking, you could refer the respective articles.

Indirect Blog Monetization Methods

As I mentioned earlier, the foundation to your success in earning money from your blog is basically your blog’s popularity and traffic. Once you have gradually improved on that action item, you could start offering other indirect monetization services like:

  • Niche related product reviews.
  • Paid reviews or advertisements on your blog.
  • Other Services related to your niche.
  • Sponsored posts, Tweets or emails.

Your options are endless when you have a successful blog, so don’t waste any time, am sure you have got enough information from me and it is your turn now! Don’t keep postponing and thinking about blogging, jumpstart it – make it part of your daily life and you will certainly enjoy the freedom of ProBlogging like I do. Hope you enjoyed the article on How to make money online Blogging



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