How to make money online by blogging – for Moms and Housewives

How to make money online by blogging – for Moms and Housewives

If you think it’s not possible to earn an income online from home especially if you are a housewife or mom, your perspective will change once you complete reading this article!

The basic requirement for a successful blog based business model are 1. Your blog to write on 2. Expertise / knowledge / interest / passion in any one niche 3. Time and patience

The above ingredients in the right measures will assure that you will be the proud owner of a successful blog read and shared by thousands. Of the 3 requirements, 2nd and 3rd points are very vital.

Time and patience – you will never be able to reach the goal you are working for without continued efforts, so be focused on dedicated content development. You cannot expect your blog earning you an income from the first month! Systematic, dedicated and patient efforts on research, content development, blog promotion for at least 6 months to ensure the blog has a strong foundation. Once you have a consistent website traffic, you can shift to relaxed blogging mode and start to monetize your traffic into real money.

Niche expertise or Blog topic: success of any blog will directly depend on the content of the website. Selecting a niche or speciality to write on the blog is important as that decides the road map for the blog’s future. If you are a house wife or a mommy blogger and don’t had any particular experience or expertise, still you can think about niches like parenting, child care, interior design, recipes, product reviews etc. that’s the beauty of blogging!

There are several moms and housewives who have already proved themselves by choosing blogging, you could do a google search to find some inspiration from such bloggers. I would love to hear your feedback on blogging from home..


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