How to make money Online with Amazon Affiliates

How to make money Online with Amazon Affiliates

If your blog is no where related to technical or web based niche and you still want to earn an additional income other than the usual Google Adsense, you should be considering Affiliate marketing.

Often it is observed that Blogging gurus speak more about promoting internet marketing products to earn fat affiliate commissions but what if you are not passionate about blogging on technical niche? Doesn’t worry! You still have great alternatives to earn affiliate income by continuing to blog about what you are really passionate about.

Blogging success is directly related to your “love for Blogging meter” that makes sure that you continue to enjoy blogging and you don’t have to compromise your love for a niche to earn higher. Never let earning potentials force you to select a niche – Let the passion continue to fuel your blogging journey.

How to make money Online with Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate marketing for any niche Blogs

Google Adsense is a great option for generating an income from your blog, but I would recommend affiliate marketing as a better and bigger alternative in terms of earning. Irrespective of what niche your blog specializes in still it is obvious that every individual visiting your blog is a potential buyer of generic consumer products like cameras, clothes, gadgets, books etc. This opens your gate towards affiliate marketing and the best option is to sign up as an affiliate for

The Amazon affiliate program offers you various methods to promote products on your blog and most promising approach is by simply embedding the “Amazon Best seller blurb” on your blog and let the people decide what they want to buy.

The best part about Amazon is that they are good at selling. Once your visitor reaches the Amazon sales page, they discover enough reasons to make the purchase (reviews, details etc.) As the sale is made, you earn a commission.

With each sale increasing, your commission slab also increases! This gives you opportunity to earn better with each sale from your affiliate account.

Do you want to learn more on how to make money from Amazon Affiliates?

Am sure you are already interested to learn the inside secrets of Amazon affiliate marketing. Frankly, I am not an expert to guide you on how to make money from Amazon, so let me guide you to the experts – Wanda & Paula who make more than 10K from Amazon affiliates alone.

To help you learn the game completely, I have managed to interview Paula to help me teach you in detail how they are earning huge monthly revenue from Amazon. Check out the featured Interview on my OrangeCopper Blog and am sure you will not be disappointed.

Hope I was able to help you to learn on how to make money online with Amazon Affiliates.


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