How to Make Money Online with ClickBank

How to Make Money Online with ClickBank

Have you heard about Affiliate Marketing yet? If not check out my Affiliate marketing guide and it should leave you with just enough information to start off your money making journey by promoting quality products through your websites or blog.

If you checkout my Monthly income reports, you could easily learn that the major chunk of my online income is through affiliate marketing. The best part of such Nap Income is that you continue to earn a passive income even while you sleep or do nothing from the products you have already promoted on your blog through various articles.

If you are planning to start a new blog or already have one, you should consider promoting the best digital products through your blog to earn affiliate commissions from those sales. I use ClickBank as my affiliate network program to manage and track my affiliate sales of the digital products I promote through my blogs.

Why should I choose ClickBank?

I highly recommend using ClickBank to manage your affiliate campaigns and promotions mainly because most of the top digital products on the internet today are available with ClickBank to promote. In addition, the interface and payment features of ClickBank are simply awesome.

How to generate Income with ClickBank?

All you have to do is create a free account with ClickBank and find appropriate products you would want to promote. Based on your blog or website niche, identify the most popular products available on the ClickBank market place to promote and generate an “affiliate hop link” from the ClickBank interface.

Once you have your affiliate link, simply promote it through your blog posts, sidebar banners or even through your email signatures. CB has a very good tracking and reporting system that will help you to analyze your performance through studying the click and sales rates.

How to Promote Products on your Blog

  • In-post affiliate product promotion
  • Custom Banner Promotions under each post
  • Featured reviews of the best products

The above three methods convert the maximum sales for me on my websites. In-post affiliate marketing converts best for me. I write several articles and technical tutorials that will help solve many issues that webmasters face on a day to day basis. Along with giving them with a permanent solution to their issues, I will suggest top tools or products that could continue to solve their issues in a better and smoother manner – A simple “better alternative”. This is a superb approach because, it solves the problem for webmasters who cannot afford to purchase products as well as it gives others who have the buying power with a better alternative.

The Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Below are the golden rules I follow and recommend you to follow as well for affiliate marketing:

  • NEVER promote a product without testing.
  • ALWAYS give a free option to the reader.
  • Do not always write for money

NEVER promote a product without testing: I have observed that many webmasters look for best selling affiliate products to promote – Then why do you have to blog? Blogging is all about sharing your expert opinion and view point on a particular topic, if you were to back someone’s opinion, then why don’t you simply share a link to that Blog!

Either download a trial copy of the product you want to promote or contact the developer for a review copy (I receive review copies for almost all products I promote from their developers and they are happy to share one to me for a honest review)

ALWAYS give a free option to the reader: Imagine yourself in the shoes of a newbie webmaster and think if you had the money to buy all those products that you wanted to try out. Am sure many of us still don’t have the money to invest in plugins or products online, hence always make sure you give a free option or method to address the issue – believe me, 95% of your readers fall in this category.

Do not always write for money: It is great if you are making money by promoting products! But don’t get too greedy and only do premium product reviews – continue to be what you were when you started blogging and simultaneously deliver quality information of great value so that you don’t look like a selling machine.

Take Home: If you haven’t already started making money online with ClickBank or similar affiliate marketing networks – Start today, it works! It has worked well for me and is continuing to work as well, check out the screenshot of my affiliate income this week on ClickBank, if this inspiration could fuel you to take action today!

Feel free to add your comments and ask me any questions, I will try my best to answer your questions if I know about it.


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