How to Make Money Online with Google Places

How to Make Money Online with Google Places

Am sure most of you reading this might already know what Google Places is all about. It’s an awesome ocean of organized information that is already replacing the use of traditional sources like Yellow places. With the increased usage of Smartphone by people, Google Places has rapidly increased its user base too. In short, Google places lets you to:

  • Rate and Share Places on Google:  Find, rate and share places you know to discover new ones you’ll love!
  • Get your Business Found on Google:  List or Claim your business online linked to Google search and Map to expose your business to endless opportunities.

How to convert your knowledge about Google Places to Money?

Making money online with Google Places is all about using the know-how about the system to your advantage. Firstly, take out some time to research about how Google places works (it’s simple – won’t take you much time). Secondly, Identify prospective clients that you could help setting up Google Places Business listing for and continue to maintain and run a Google Places based business.

How to Make Money Online with Google Places

It’s a great idea to prepare a sales pitch or PowerPoint presentation explaining the huge list of advantages of having your own Google Places listing active. Below are few steps on How to Make Money Online with Google Places

  • Search for Broad Business keywords like Mechanic, Cake Shops, Meat Shops, Electrical works etc. and identify the unclaimed listings in and around your location. Make a list of such listings and mark them as your prospective clients.
  • Contact each of the clients one by one and explain the benefits of claiming or listing a spot on the Google Places system to have an edge on your local competitors.
  • Quote a reasonable setup and yearly maintenance cost for your services.
  • Edit the listing on Google places and claim the same as Business Owner (for more information check out Google Places Official website and Help

This is an awesome time to plunge into this market and capture it at your area, with the increase of Smartphone and Internet users – Google Places is going to be one source to all the information, If you are serious about this, you could set your foothold in the market as a Google Places consultant and expert. I personally know consultants earning anywhere from 20 USD to 100 USD per listing and an additional maintenance charges.

Imagine what you could do if you have 100 such clients a year?