How to make money online with Niche websites

How to make money online with Niche websites

Lets start with what is a “Niche website” or a “Niche Blog”: Its basically a website or blog specializing in a very narrow spectrum or topic. Like for example this blog is a niche blog specializing in the niche “ Making money online”.

Similarly other few example of niches are how to gain weight, how to learn guitar, WordPress expert tips etc. Basically a blog that speaks or publishes information only about the narrow field of expertise that the blogger chooses to be in.

Advantages of a Niche Blog

The first and most important advantage is that, every visitor to your blog knows exactly what you are writing about and they have a possibility of finding or learning about exactly the set of information that they are interested.

The reason is that the blogger or website owner and the visitor share the same niche interest. This situation makes it easier to monetize from your website. Read further I will explain.

How to make money from Niche websites

70% of my income from Niche blogs is from Affiliate sales and remaining 30% is from Google Adsense.  Further I will share the action plan that I follow to develop and monetize a niche website.

Niche website Monetizing Action Plan

Step1: Identify your niche

This is the most important step and the rest of your success depends basically on the niche you select. Its very critical to select a very narrow niche with good potential but lower competition.

To find a competitive niche, you could use the Google adwords keyword tool. Search for a keyword and it would show the competition and also the amount of monthly search queries. Ideally the best niche to choose would have low competition and higher search queries. (any amount of queries above 100,000 a month would be a great niche)

Step2: Find and Register a Domain name

This is the second most important step. A right domain would make a huge difference. The difference between selecting a normal domain name for your website and a domain name for a niche website is that the niche website domain name should have the primary keyword in the domain itself.

Like the domain name I have selected for the WordPress SEO niche is I guess this part has made the importance of having a good domain name clear as it gives you an upper edge to rank higher in the search engines.

Step3: Write unique and quality articles

Content is the most important factor for any website. For your niche website, before you start working on the SEO and marketing, make sure you have at least 15 – 20 high quality, niche specific articles. As soon as enough articles and content are in place you could proceed to the next step.

Step4: Search engine optimization

There are many parts to search engine optimization and its important factor to achieve higher SERP for your niche keywords for your blog to be successful money minting machine.

The best SEO practices I follow to publicize my niche websites are:

  • Directory submissions
  • Dofollow blog commenting
  • Forum signatures
  • Article submissions

A list of high PR dofollow blogs and High PR dofollow directories could be handy for your search engine optimization process.

Step5: Monetizing techniques

Once you have all the above steps in place and gradually when you are ranking higher for your keywords and your niche websites have started to appear in the first page of Google search engine, its time to monetize your efforts.

Once you have enough traffic to your niche websites, gradually people trust your expertise and niche authority. This trust and loyalty are factors the main factors that would help you consistently monetize your niche websites. Hence its important that you do not loose your trust by promoting or suggesting products that are not really good.

The two methods of niche monetization that works well are

  • Affiliate products sale revenue
  • Adsense advertisements

The first method can be set up by signing up with the best affiliate networks or Amazon affiliates to promote products that are the best in your niche. You earn the commission and this never stops.

The second method could be highly rewarding as your traffic improves and its critical to blend your Google ads within your website content.

Hope this post has cleared up your questions on how to make money online with niche websites. And trust me this is a practical method that earns me around 1000 USD every month without any expense at all.



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