How to make money online

Rule 1 : Since you have landed on this blog – Let me tell you something the very first day. This website is not like any other get quick rich websites! This is a platform to share knowledge and techniques that really worked for me in becoming a problogger and earn a living from blogging in 1 year.  Believe us – Money does not come easy and we do not need you to invest a single penny. We are giving away the skill and know-how we achieved in the hard way, so that i could be the easier way for you all !!

Three prerequisites are:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Consistency and dedication
  • Patience to see the results

Take Home

  • Step by step know-how on how to build a internet blog
  • How to write content and publicize it
  • How to monetize your blog and when to start it

We would be updating the blog with systematic content that could help you build – > publicize -> monetize your blog and enjoy the consistent source of income and live the life of a ProBlogger. I would be helping you achieve this as i have learned and done it!

warm regards, Joshu Thomas
Founder, OrangeCopper Blog and Successful Webmaster Community

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