How to make money with Coupon Clipper websites

How to make money with Coupon Clipper websites

When ever you purchase any digital products like WordPress themes or web hosting online, you might have observed a field to enter discount coupons. This is a popular affiliate marketing strategy widely used on the web nowadays. As you enter the coupon code provided by any affiliate website, a commission is awarded to that affiliate member from your payment amount.

Even you could easily make money by starting a niche related coupon code website online and refer people interested to purchase a particular product by offering them a discount coupon. Such website system that help you manage and promote discount coupon to earn an affiliate income is called a Clipper website.

My recommendation  is to build the website on a WordPress framework in a narrow niche. Firstly, identify a narrow niche to offer coupons and register a keyword rich domain name like etc. This will give you a default advantage for building a strong niche authority from an SEO perspective.

There are some excellent application based clipper themes like Appthemes Clipper. You may install this theme on your WordPress blog setup and start adding latest working coupon codes released by the theme development companies ( or the product developer ) and promote the website online to receive traffic in search of discount coupons. As the visitors use your coupon codes, you start to receive affiliate income starting from 10 USD to even 100 USD per sale. Do ground research on the most narrow niche to start a clipper website and start earning!!

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