How to Make money with Google Adsense

 How to Make money with Google Adsense

Google helps people who write content on the internet, in making money, simply by allowing them to put Google Ads on their websites. This is what Adsense is, in a nutshell. And a lot of excitement is already there about this, as it is very simple to handle and Google does most of the work of putting Ads which are relevant to the website’s focus area.

It’s actually as simple as putting a java-script onto your blog template but some tips as below can help you do the whole thing more efficiently.

How to Make money with Google Adsense

Placing Ads on the very top of your blog page so that the audience don’t need to scroll down to be able to view it, is a good start. Large leader-board sized ads at the top make the job easier. Using an appropriate template that doesn’t make the Ad look out of place, is a wise move. Using Ad colors in-line with the overall look and feel of your site is also as important.

Also, instead of doing all the above things all at once, it is advised to do each change piecemeal and analyze the effect of the same on the site statistics. This way you can optimize your site for generating as much money as possible, without having to figure out later as to what went wrong, if in case revenue decreases overnight.

Using ‘channel’ option provided by Google to compare how Ads are performing vis-à-vis each other is also a good tool to use. This is more so, if you have multiple sites and using this judiciously can save you a lot of resources going forward.

Once you have the Ads brought out well and positioned perfectly on the blog, the next step is to play with the content on the blog. Writing what interests you and hoping it does the same for others is one way and another is to do writing focused on products so as to get in targeted Ads with costly keywords. The best way out is to use both together.

Sometimes people visit a blog because they feel connected with the blogger. And if your blog is only trying to bring up money-spinning Ads then you can obviously get those Ads, but won’t have anybody to click on them. So, if you write about something that interests you and also mention stuff that is able to bring up good Ads then you have the best of both worlds.

Using an image or text for an Ad depends on whether or not your blog site is already text heavy. Honesty is a virtue and more so in this case, because if you are caught clicking yourself on the Ads, or making others to click Ads just like that, your account can be locked and you might also lose all you’ve earned. Google is quite beefed up on fraud detection technology and it’s very difficult to evade them on this – just a caution note on this!

Tracking your changes also helps you keep tabs on what sort of change impacted the revenue in what way. Adsense is plugin, forget and make money kinda thing. Why don’t you give it a try?