How to make money with YouTube videos

How to make money with YouTube videos

How to make money with YouTube videos

With the ever growing popularity of YouTube, am sure at least once you might have wondered how to make money with YouTube videos. Today we would discuss regarding the same in detail.

The entire idea of monetizing any form of content is by first crafting quality content and then popularizing it. The same rule works for blogs and even YouTube. The life cycle of monetizing your YouTube videos are:

  1. Create a YouTube channel.
  2. Create and upload unique and quality video content.
  3. Publicize the videos through social networking and SEO.
  4. As soon as your videos meet the minimum requirement become a YouTube partner.

Above are the 4 steps in shot on how to make money on YouTube. We will now get into the details of the four steps.

The Key is creative uniqueness and not duplication

YouTube is business model is not about finding and uploading a huge number of videos, YouTube’s algorithm would smartly identify duplicate items and stop you from uploading or promoting.

The smart way to approach is to upload creative and unique content. It could be a product review, useful tutorials, training videos, your own talent show etc. Creating a YouTube channel is nothing but creating a YouTube account and uploading a video (it automatically creates a channel for you).

Promote your YouTube videos

Promotion starts from the uploading of your video. Make sure you fill up the video name, description and keyword tags in an optimized manner including the targeted keywords or search phrase. This will help your video to rank higher in YouTube and Google search.

You can promote your videos and channels the same way you promote your blog posts and websites. Social network and micro blogging tools like Twitter can be used effectively to publicize your YouTube content.

How to start making money

Once your videos have started receiving a decent amount of hits, its time to start monetizing. The first step towards monetizing your YouTube videos is to apply for YouTube partnership program. Before you apply for the YouTube partnership program, please make sure:

  • The content you have published does not violate any copyrights.
  • You are the owner of the video and it is unique.
  • The videos have more than 100,000 unique hits. (approximately)
  • You have an active Adsense account.

You could apply to become a YouTube partner here. The benefits of becoming a YouTube partner are:

  • Continue to earn an income from Adsense and YouTube advertisements.
  • As an approved partner, you will be provided with branding options.
  • The income potential is HUGE and there are partners like VEVO earning big time from YouTube, there are thousands of smaller channels earning a decent income only from YouTube.

[highlight color=”yellow”] If you want to take making money on YouTube seriously, go for it. It has got a huge earning potential. The key is to do things differently and you will be noticed. Hope you enjoyed this article on how to make money with YouTube videos[/highlight]

Below are some screenshots of my experience earning from YouTube videos, wanted to share the information so that it could inspire you and also ascertain the fact that it is really possible. With cooler content and more content, you can just multiply the possibilities! Hope this helps and encourages you to learn how to make money from your YouTube videos

 How to make money with YouTube videos


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