How to make your Blog smartphone friendly

How to make my WordPress Blog smartphone friendly

Mobile computing and mobile commerce is becoming very popular at an alarming rate nowadays! The number of smartphone users are increasing day by day enabling everyone to do all their online activities right from their hand held devices. The best example I can give is the fact that I am writing this blog post while traveling from Hyderabad to Cochin in India from my iPhone ( using WordPress for iPhone). People like me who extensively use smartphones are an ever increasing cult.

As the technology is racing far ahead, we web masters should fasten our pace as well! Today I am glad that I have made my blogs “mobile browser friendly” and even you can do it with few clicks. Download and install a very simple yet powerful plugin called WpTouch. This plugin automatically identifies the mobile device and browser to serve the completely unique and user friendly version of your WordPress blog.

I am publishing this post after testing the plugin on 4 of my popular blogs for a month and it seems to work wonderfully. Also from the Google analytic data I can see a visible increase of the readers count using mobile browser. The best part is that this plugin automatically takes care of the font adjustment, image re-sizing and even Adsense placement according to the change in resolution on the mobile browser. Hope you will too give it a try to upgrade your blog to become smartphone friendly and am sure it will only do good to your blog’s progress.

How to make my WordPress Blog smartphone friendly


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