How to manage Blogging while traveling

How to manage Blogging while traveling

Professional Blogging is one such wonderful way of working that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere of the world or even choose to not work for a while and still enjoy the passive income that you earn from your blog.

I enjoy Blogging mainly because it helps me manage and balance my personal life with the kind of work I do on my Blogs. To stay refreshed and charged for the next season of Blogging, I make sure to take a break or a vacation away from the online world into the wild!

My Trip to the Himalayas

How to manage Blogging while traveling

I am just back today from my road trip to the Himalayas to feed my soul with some fresh air and rejuvenate my creative cells I Am Glad I took a break to live in the offline or rather the “Real world”.

Today I will share how I usually manage my blogs and keep them active even while I am on the road or travelling to places where I might not have access to the Internet.

You have 3 Options

  • Schedule your work on WordPress before you leave
  • Write content offline on the Go!
  • Simply Ignore your Blog and Enjoy your vacation

Personally I would not mind choosing any of the above 3 options and this time I selected the 3rd one by simply ignoring the blog and had a blast. If your blogs are already well established you might want to adopt the third method once in a while (not always).

The most frequent and safest option that I adopt while on travel is the first one – Prepare and schedule posts on the WordPress blog to be published on the coming days in my absence. This method works very well as it continues to feed your readers without a break, just the way you are posting frequently as usual.

The 2nd option is an interesting one as well! If you are burnt out blogging and writing content , trying to blog or write content from a vacation spot or a more relaxed space might help you in getting back on track – Both professionally and personally.

Hope you already know which method to adopt next time you hit the roads with your bags packed!

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