How to manage your affiliate links smartly

How to manage your affiliate links smartly

How to manage your affiliate links smartly

Affiliate marketing is hands down the best method to earn online in my personal opinion. 80% of my online income is from affiliate marketing and related sales.

There are various methods to deploy affiliate marketing on your blogs, few of the methods I use are:

  • Affiliate banners on sidebars and web pages
  • Affiliate banners within posts
  • In post affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing through email newsletters.

Out of the above methods, the most effective method is to promote affiliate links within posts that are published in your articles. The steps involved in setting up a successful in post affiliate campaign are:

  1. Write unique high quality article
  2. Insert related affiliate product link within the post
  3. Promote the article
  4. Drive traffic to the article and sales will happen.

The above methods is the best suitable for earning online through affiliate commissions. As the article popularity and traffic increases, the sales gradually increase as well.

Major Challenge in Affiliate marketing

When you promote several affiliate products over a time period and write a huge number of blog posts, it gets difficult to manage your affiliate links and metrics. The major difficulties are:

  • Tracking of affiliate clicks and sales become difficult
  • Management of affiliate links and keywords become complicated.
  • Manual insertion of affiliate links to each post is a tough task.
  • Most tricky one is to tackle the situation when an affiliate program is discontinued.

All the above issues are equally complex, but the last one creates the biggest trouble for a webmaster. After promoting a product through 100s of blog posts, if the affiliate program is discontinued by the product development team, it is almost impossible to find and remove all the affiliate links.

In addition, most of these links turn out to be either broken or useless links. There is one single solution that I use to handle these entire situations.

I use an affiliate management plugin or software

I have deployed an affiliate link management plugin on my blog called Affiliate Ninja. The major advantage of this affiliate management program is that it automatically tracks down keywords and converts them to affiliate links as per your configurations. Some key features are:

  • Auto convert keywords to affiliate links
  • Cloaks links automatically to search engine friendly links
  • Converts links to user friendly link formats(
  • Generates reports of click and impressions in your WP admin section
  • Allows you to export and store the back up of the affiliate links added
  • Permits import of these links configuration to another blog
  • Remove all the affiliate links with on click.
  • Pause and play features of affiliate campaigns.

With this useful plugin, my affiliate management has been completely automated and it is now effortless to do in post affiliate setup, simply use the keyword.

Take Home: If you have serious plans on affiliate and internet marketing, set up Affiliate Ninja plugin at the earliest, once you follow the wrong method, it is very difficult at a later stage to undo. Hope you have understood How to manage your affiliate links smartly


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