How to motivate your self as a blogger

how to motivate your self as a blogger

How to motivate your self as a blogger

If you have been blogging consistently for more than 6 months, I am sure you might have felt the blogger’s itch. Yes, the bloggers itch is nothing but a feeling that might haunt you to give-up or slow down blogging.

The Itch could destroy you

If you are an ambitious blogger and do not want to quit before you find success, then this itch would certainly kill you and your blog, so better kill it before it gets you.

How to destroy the itch and keep yourself motivated

its critical that you keep yourself motivated as a blogger to keep on blogging. The best methods that help me keep myself motivated are:

  • Look around for inspiration: there are a number of success bloggers who earn a very good living from blogging and the best part is they enjoy their job. Occasionally browse through these blogs and it will certainly inspire you to continue your journey as a blogger.
  • Recap and measure your success: It’s a great idea to measure and record your earnings from your blog. At times I really get inspired by the fact that the value that I offer through my blog is bringing me a passive income even when I take a nap or sleep.
  • Make blogging part of your life: Bring life to your blogs and make it part of your day to day living. Mention about your blogging efforts in your offline life and similarly include glimpses and glares of your life in your blog posts as well.

Take home: As I always say, patience and perseverance is a must to succeed in your blogging journey and its not a weeks affair. Keep pouring in your efforts smartly to find success. Hope you enjoyed the tip on How to motivate your self as a blogger

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