How to Optimize images for Google Search

How to Optimize images for Google Search

Ever considered optimizing images for Google search? Or are you one of them who simply ads images directly into your we page without considering the importance or significance that an image could add to your article or we page from an SEO perspective? Optimizing images for your webpages or blog posts are extremely important when it comes to achieving higher search engine rankings. Today I will share the critical aspects you need to consider while posting an image to your website.

How to Optimize images for Google Search

What are the different ways images could add value to your blog posts or web pages?

Using appropriate images to your we pages or blog posts are extremely important as it will primarily add more weight and details to the content you are publishing on your websites. It does not only gives your readers with more clarity but also gives you another entry point to your websites through Google image search.

The smart way of using images on your web pages: rather than simply inserting images into your blog posts, you should make sure the various attribute values to an image file are filled up. The important attributes you need to fill up while posting an image are called the ALT tags. These include – image title, image keywords, image description and the image URL.

Inserting images on a WordPress blog post: while writing articles on your WordPress blog, when you insert an image within the post, below are certain information that you should fill up. The screenshot below shows what exactly they are. With these information filled up, it will automatically add all the requires attributes to the image and hence optimize your image as well as your blog post.

How to Optimize images for Google Search

If you were to manually insert images to your web pages, I am posting the HTML code below that can be used to insert optimized images.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”><img title=”How to Optimize images for Google Search” src=”” alt=”How to Optimize images for Google Search” width=”475″ height=”337″ /></p>

Always try to include this as a best practice in your webmaster activities and unknowingly you are doing good to your website SEO. Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this technique, I would love to hear from all of you out there!


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