How to Optimize YouTube videos for Search

How to Optimize YouTube videos for Search

How to Optimize YouTube videos for Search

YouTube holds the major share of videos viewed on the Internet today and if you were to upload a video to your YouTube channel, it’s important that you optimize your video and parameters to make sure its discovered by potential viewers searching for similar content.

Capture and upload High Quality Videos to YouTube:

To start off, it’s critical that you capture high quality video and prepare it for upload to YouTube. Be it a desktop based video tutorial or an outdoor video that you are capturing, it’s important that the video quality and size should be appropriate according to today’s video standards.

My earlier tutorial on how to prepare a high quality video tutorial for YouTube could be helpful to you if you are looking forward to learning video creation for YouTube website.

Keyword Research and YouTube analytics to identify the Right title and Tags:

Prior to publishing the video to YouTube, just as we would do keyword research for search engine optimization of web pages (SEO), we have resources on the web to identify the most appropriate keywords to use on the video title and tags.

For YouTube keyword search, you can make use of the official YouTube keyword and search analytic tool available in their website. This will give you the demand for the particular search keywords on YouTube in a real time basis. Select the appropriate keywords and title that has the maximum potential and demand on YouTube.

The major advantage of using the keywords, title and tags of the top search results on the existing search result video is that YouTube tends to show similar videos in the “related videos” section after the top video is viewed! This gives your video a chance to get noticed. Also make sure you add the URL of your blog or website in the first line of the description as it will get noticed in the two line short preview description of our video.

To sum up the YouTube Optimization Steps:

  • Capture and upload High quality video and content
  • Do Keyword Research to Identify Demand and Supply
  • Use the Official YouTube Search Analytics Tool
  • Use the Appropriate Keywords, Title and Tags
  • Embed and link to your video from external pages to publicize it


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