How to Organize and Manage your Affiliate links

How to Organize and Manage your Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing in my opinion is the best method to make money online! If you are already into promoting products through your blogs and earning commissions, you might find it difficult to manage and track all your affiliate campaigns.

Many webmasters either maintain a tracker or a spreadsheet to organize and manage their affiliate links and campaigns. This is not a bad idea but it could result in confusion when:

1. There are huge number of affiliate campaigns live on the blog
2. Affiliate programs are discontinued or links are updated

In either of the above situations, there has to be urgent rearrangement to be done to ensure commissions are not lost due to either bad links or discontinued affiliate programs. It is important that you keep a close tab on the affiliate campaigns that are live or at least have a centralized Management system. I personally use a plugin called Affiliate Ninja go manage my entire affiliate campaigns and links. This program has worked like a magic for me you more than a year and I personally recommend this plugin to all my readers. Few of the highlight features of this plugin are:

1. Centrally manage all your affiliate links
2. Automatically convert keywords to affiliate links
3. Backup and restore all the links and campaigns
4. Track and analyze affiliate activities through the dashboard
5. Cloak and modify affiliate links to custom format

These are list of some awesome features of this plugin that can come really handy in managing your campaigns across all your blogs. In addition, I use this plugin to interlink older posts within my blogs by automatically converting certain keywords to other blog post hyperlinks. This not only brings users to older posts, but also increases the user interaction and time on website.

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