How to prevent auto blogs feeding from your WordPress blog

How to prevent auto blogs feeding from your WordPress blog

In this era of internet marketing, there are a huge number of sbloggers or copy bloggers who spawn a number of auto blogs with the help of free auto blogging tools.

As a webmaster, we spend endless hours writing quality articles and content to provide value to our readers and the internet. To protect your blog content from being used for auto blogs you should be keen and careful.

  • Have your defenses against content theft
  • Identify copied content on the internet and auto blogs
  • Contact and get the content removed.

You could refer to my previous article on how to prevent content theft from your blog to learn what all can be done form your end as a webmaster to prevent and stop content theft.

Further to identify auto blogs that feed from your blog feed url, you should be on your toes. Regularly do a exact search in Google for your latest articles to find copies of your articles published online.

Using of services like CopyScape can also help you identify the duplicate content. Once you have identified the copied content, you may contact the webmaster directly to remove the content. The next step would be to contact the web host, hosting the website to remove the website content. Reputed web hosting companies respond very well to such requests as even they can be sued for allowing to host copied material.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Hope this short piece of information proves valuable to you and you have insights on How to prevent auto blogs feeding from your WordPress blog.