How to promote your old Blog posts

How to promote your old Blog posts

How to promote your old Blog posts

Personally I’ve been blogging for more that like 6 years.. But i find visitors to my blog mostly browsing most recent posts or write ups. So how can we encourage them to read other good posts in our blog as well? Its important because there could be lot of other good information that could be very useful for our visitors. Today i would be writing on some of the best methods to really keep your visitors clinging to your blog and making use of it to the optimum.

Promote your old posts by using a good Archive script.

A good wordpress plugin option i would suggest is SRG Clean Archives.

This plugin would give an ajax preview of your blog’s archived posts and hence revealing the entire blog to your visitors and its best posts.

Use interlinking plugin

This is the MOST Effective method to bring attention to older posts, simply install the interlinking posts and the texts in your blog would change into links to old posts. The best part of this option is:

1. You can control the threshold of number of links in a blog posts (keep it low so that you don’t look spammy )
2. Existing links would not be further linked and will be avoided
3. you are opening infinite possibilities to keep the visitor feel that your blog is full of information.

Example of plugin you could use for this are: interlink, YARRP, SEO Smart links etc.

Use “related posts” plugin to show related posts after each blog posts

This is another very effective method to keep your visitor sticky – it gives them few random related posts to what they are reading and they could find them interesting and continue to read on or return again -see you’ve captured one more heart hear 😉

Auto post rotating scripts

This creates an automatic rotation between old posts in your blog, dusts them away from your old archives and brings them to the front of the blog giving it more exposure.
Example of such a plugin is “archivist”
Plugin link:

Promote them yourself

The rest of the way to promote them is through forums, blogs, social networks etc… where your blog could be used as reference giving more information, this can effectively work when you don’t spam the forum directly with the link and use it wisely. Hope you have learned on How to promote your old Blog posts


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