How to receive more Blog Comments

How to receive more Blog Comments

If you have visited successful blogs in your niche, you might have observed that there is loads of activity and user interaction on the blog. The most common method by which a normal blog reader would judge the post popularity is by observing the number of comments an article has received.

Especially if you have a new blog, you might be wondering how to improve the comments count on your blog, here are few recommendations from my side.

Decorate your blog with the best content: yeah, content is the king and key to building a successful blog and an active userbase. It’s not fair to expect loads of comments to a post with poor quality content. Concentrate on building quality content to start with!

Request your users to engage: write articles in a way that you are talking to a person one on one. Ask questions, opinions and feedback within your articles to provoke and engage your readers, let your blog not sound like a radio!

Make your comment links do-follow: basically there are two kinds of links from an SEO perspective – dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow links transfer the link juice and nofollow links ask search engine bots not to follow the link. In simpler words, do-follow links help and contribute to improving page-rank of the target website and therefore webmasters prefer such blogs. If you are not sure of how to make your comment links do-follow, simply install the “commentLuv” plugin for wordpress, it will do the job.

Encourage the top commentators on your blog: reward our top commenting users by running contests or by displaying their names on the blog’s sidebar. Everyone loves encouragement and it will work out well.

Work as a team: network with the bloggers in your niche through mastermind groups and reach an understanding to comment on each others articles, with 10 such comments on each article would make it look popular.

Take home: blog comments are very important source of reputation and activity on your blog, deploy the above ideas on your blog and improve blog activity.

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