How to Reduce your Blog’s Bounce rate

How to Reduce your Blog’s Bounce rate

Let me start by explaining what is meant by the term – Bounce Rate. Basically when a visitor lands on a page of your website and leaves immediately without any further action, it’s called as a bounce. The lower the bounce rate, it’s better. There could be several reasons that could contribute to a user bouncing off and few of the most common reasons are:

  • The visitor did not find what he / she was looking for
  • Visitor was either irritated or confused by the design
  • The web page load time was long
  • There was some error and the page threw a message

Almost all the reasons are under your control and that simply means that you can reduce the bounce rate. With lower bounce rate several other metrics will improve – page-views, returning visitors, time on site and the overall website traffic.

How to reduce the website bounce rate:

By improving the design / code to make your blog / website simple, elegant and easy navigation a major chunk of the issue can be resolved. The remaining reasons contributing to higher bounce rate can be avoided by publishing quality content written to the point. The visitor should be able to find Exactly what they were looking for on your website. Certain other features like related posts, more reference links and inter-linking to older archive articles can help retain the visitor on your website for longer duration.

Take home: take extra effort to improve the performance, content and features of your website to keep your visitors stuck on to your website!