How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation

How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation?

SEO reputation is nothing but how good you rank in the eyes of Google or other popular search engines. Higher the SEO reputation of your blog or website, better is the chance of your website appearing in search engine results when compared to your competing websites. SEO reputation depends on several factors and today we will discuss how to improve and repair your SEO rep.

How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation

Major factors affecting your SEO reputation

The prime factors that affect your SEO reputation online are inbound and outbound links. ie.. the quality of links from our website to external blogs / websites and the incomming backlinks to your blog / website from other sites. If your website ls linking to low quality, unrelated niche websites, it could really hurt your SEO reputation in the eyes of search engine algorithms. Similarly, if your websites is linked from low quality, spammy and unrelated niche websites your SEO reputation meter will shoot down.

How to repair and improve your SEO reputation

Repairing and improving your SEO reputation is no easy task – it takes a lot of time and effort but is certainly not impossible. The first step you need to take to improve your SEO reputation is to fix the issues that is directly under your control. Such factors include, validating your outbound links from your blog / website.

Ensure you website is NOT linking to low quality unrelated niche websites and if they are links that cannot be removed, ensure you add the “nofollow” attribute to the links (recommends search engines not to follow the link) as its as good as not linking to such websites. In addition, ensure that your website does not have any broken links or invalid outbound links. Learn how to find and lean up broken and invalid outbound links on your website.

Secondly, use a back link checker tool to identify the bad back links to your website. Bad back links are nothing but back links from low quality content websites, spammy websites, unrelated niche websites etc. The best way is to try removing the link if there is a link management system or directly contact the website owner requesting removal of your link from that website.

The repair process might take some time

Do not have an impression this is a very quick process, reputation building and management might take quite some time and hence do the needful and keep an eye on the link activities relating your website. In due course of time your website reputation will keep on improving with the above activities performed on a regular basis. It is very vital to have a clean reputation for your website as it affects several aspects like the organic search traffic to your website, your earnings from adsense etc.