How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

It is a possibility that your content could go stolen on YouTube. You might have spend several hours of your quality time to create unique content for your YouTube channel and it is certainly not fair when someone easily steals it and re-uploads on YouTube. Today we will share the process to report your stolen video on YouTube (by violating copyright ethics) and get the duplicate video removed from

YouTube has a very easy method of reporting your stolen video re-uploaded by another YouTube user. This could either be a complete video / part of your video / scenes from your video / music content etc. Which ever it is, if you are the owner and someone using it for their benefit, report it to YouTube and get the content removed.

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

How to Report Your Stolen Video / Content to YouTube team?

To report to YouTube, you shall use the YouTube Copyright Complaint Form. The form, as shown below has several fields that needs to be filled up by the “real owner”. Carefully enter all the requested information like the legitimate video URL, video name, your details, copied content URL etc.

After Submitting the form, YouTube will get back to you after resolving the conflicting content related complaint. If you are the owner of the content, YouTube will verify the original video location, date, details etc. and remove the copied one. In my experience, YouTube reverted back in less than 48 hours and the copied video was removed.

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

Sign up for a Content ID?

If you are an artist or content producer at a bigger scale and more chances are there that your content could be reproduced elsewhere, you could sign up for a Content ID. This will automate your copyright infringement finding as YouTube assigns a unique content ID for each video / audio. YouTube recommends Content ID to famous artists and creators only.