How to schedule posts on a WordPress Blog

How to schedule posts on a WordPress Blog

WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform or framework on the web. I have been using WordPress for more than 4 – 5 years now and find it extremely useful and user friendly.

Today we would discuss on how to schedule a post for future on a WordPress blog. It’s a very simple task but could be effectively used to manage your time for blogging and other promotion activities.

Scheduling a blog post in WordPress:

  • Write the complete post
  • Edit the publish date on the right hand side
  • Click on the schedule button.

The process for scheduling the post is as simple as that, but the concept of using it is much more than that. You should effectively use this great feature to schedule the future blog posts and utilize the time more fruitfully.

I personally have all posts on my blog 20 days upfront scheduled and further I work on post promotion, ebooks, SEO and publicizing my blog. Hope this small tip on how to schedule posts on a WordPress blog  will help you.