How to sell a small website or Blog

How to sell a small website or Blog

If you want to sell your small website or blog, it might not. E wise to list them on websites like or as they are mainly aimed at huge websites and in addition they have a listing charge of 50 USD.

The best place to sell a average traffic website or blog are through forums like or WarriorForums. The main advantage is that such websites have a huge userbase and therefore high exposure for your ad. List your website on such forums and ensure that you verify the ownership, google analytical data sharing and PayPal id. This will add more transparency to your listing and serious buyers will be interested.

Be sure to mention the below details while you list your website for sale:

1. Domain name and it’s brand-ability
2. Google page rank of the domain
3. Alexa rank of the website
4. Number of monthly page views and unique visitors
5. Monthly earning from the website
6. Amount of unique content and posts

Also make sure you clarify if the web hosting and migration is inclusive or additional. With all the above information, highlighting the reasons supporting the website compile an attractive for sale listing.

I’ve sold several websites and blogs successfully in this manner. The advantage of flipping or selling website is that you receive bulk cash for any reinvestment on a new project. In addition, you will also receive more time and bandwidth for new projects or existing websites when you sell one website.

Let me know your thoughts and experience on buying and selling websites or blogs in the similar manner.

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