How to sell banner ad space on your blog

How to sell banner ad space on your blog

After working on writing quality content that is unique on your blogs, its time to think about how to monetize them and one good option is by selling the banner space on your blogs.

The main reason selling ads space on your blogs could be beneficial is that it is an easy and sustained income that is generated without any addition efforts.

How to find potential advertisers

Finding advertisers were difficult for new blogs unless your blog has huge traffic. The commonly used methods to sell banner ad space on your blogs are:

  • Have a good advertise with us page
  • Highlight the available ad banner space by using a “advertise here banner”
  • Use services like BSA

how to sell banner ad space on your blog

The first two methods are pretty clear by what they read. The third method is by using a service provider called BuySellAds (BSA). This is a very effective method that automates the entire life cycle of selling the ads to receiving the payments.

Simply list your blog and the available ad spaces on the BSA website and potential advertisers would contact you using the search option on the BSA website that is broken down on a category basis.

You can read my article on how to create an impressive Advertise with us page. This will help potential advertisers to contact you to place their advertisement on your websites.

Take Home: All these does not happen in a day, you should carefully spend quality time to add good and unique content on to your website, optimize the content and improve your website’s unique visitors count and Page views. Once this is in place, all the other factors will fall into place and advertisers would flow to your websites with money.

Hope this article on How to sell banner ad space on your blog was helpful.




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