How to submit your blog to Google News

How to submit your blog to Google News 2013

Top reasons – Why should you add your blog to Google News: There are several factors that support the move of adding your blog to the Google News feeds. Most importantly, news articles usually appear above the organic search section and hence have more chance to bring visitors to your blog / website.There is a 30 days life span for a news article post which they are flushed out of the Google News system.

However, this 30 days can give you a really good deal of search engine traffic from the Google News section. Also several people subscribe to news from various niches of their choice in Google News and the popularity of Google News will be a boon to your blog.

Basic Requirements to get listed on the Google News : Google does not randomly pick blogs and publish the news in the Google News section, they scrutinize each and every website / blog application to meet their requirements and then only allow them to appear in the news feeds.


  • Multi-authored blogs are preferred: Google news applicant blogs with more than 2 authors are preferred over other single author blogs mainly because they tend to ensure frequent content and less dependency on a single person or author. Hence make sure that your blog has more than one author writing content and latest news.
  • Superior publishing frequency: A news website should be capable of delivering at least a few high quality short news articles on their blog on a daily basis consistently. This ensures that you are capable of delivering content regularly to Google News readers.
  • Quality and Original content: Google prefers to add websites with good reputation, good content and unique method of operation. Copy cat blogs will be flushed down the drain when they apply for Google news addition.


Technical Aspects to consider before applying to be added to Google News: Ensure that your URL permalink structure is meeting the requirements. Google prefers to accept a permalink structure that contain three or more-digit numbers after the post name. Change your permalink structure to match: /%postname%/%post_id%/.

Google also recommends to add a Google News Sitemap to aid the news crawler to find fresher content added. You can use this plugin to automatically add a Google News sitemap.

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]After checking all these requirements and preparing your blog for the application to Google News addition, Submit your application here. we sincierly hope your application gets accepted[/highlight]

How to submit your blog to Google News 2013