How to Transfer / Migrate / Back up your wordpress blog

Today I am sharing an EXCELLENT method that could be used to :

  • Create a clone of your website
  • Migrate your website to another domain, hosting and FTP

And when I say cloning or transferring your existing Blog to another web hosting, in conventional way of doing it includes setting up your wordpress on new domain, importing the export XML file from your old blog that imports posts, categories, and tags but not the plugins, not the images and not the media. Believe me it’s a humongous task as I have done it many times before I discovered this wonderful method how to do it in few minutes!

The method I am going to share is cloning or transferring or taking backup of your blog effortlessly using a script called WP Twin

And it requires no programming skills or methods it just requires few minutes and it really works smooth as silk – I believed it only when I tried it.

What all WP Twin migrates or back ups

  • Plugins (and their configurations)
  • Comments (if you have any)
  • Pages & Posts (as well as the content in them)
  • Tags & Categories
  • Permalink structures & privacy settings
  • Themes (including active themes and inactive ones!)
  • Affiliate links & links of any kind
  • Footer and header information

How it works

  • First log in to your FTP of your website 1 that you would like to transfer / backup / clone
  • Upload the WP twin file on to the website folder where the blog is placed at
  • Browse to the WP twin php file using your browser
  • Click on clone blog button and it will generate a clone file that you could download to your local machine
  • Install the new wordpress on your target website 2
  • Upload the downloaded clone content file on to the website blog folder
  • Upload the file called WP deploy
  • Browse to the WP deploy php file and click on “ click to deploy” button.
  • In few minutes or seconds your primary blog would be installed and closed on the new URL
  • That’s it – isn’t that quick, simple and easy.

Image description on how it works


They have complete support also in case you require support – in my opinion you would not require support !

Just file a ticket with support at or call our WP Twin hotline number at (309) 517-0655 and leave a message. Or Your message will be transcribed and emailed to our assistant, Mary Jo – who will respond back quickly with your support request.

Also they provide a 30 days money back gaurentee in case you did not like it – no questions asked as per them.

Take Home: If you value the content on your blog –  Make sure you Back up your blog regularly in case you make some theme or plugin change that could screw up your blog – use this script to back it up instantly without issues. Incase you want to migrate your blog to a different domain or may be a different host like moving it from a shared hosting to a dedicated hosting or from a .org to a .com domain – every case this script could be effortlessly used to achieve what you want.

In case you have any questions or need assistance let me also know, I will try to answer the questions I can as I have used to to transfer my blog from shared hosting to dedicated using WP Twin – it worked for me fine and I recommend it personally in case you want to use it. So go an check out WP Twin and try using the 30 days money back – i assure you would enjoy using it!

Incase you want to see how this works check out the below you tube video also


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