How to triple your Blog Subscription rates / opt-ins – It Worked for me!

Before starting off, let me explain the term “Opt-in Blog subscription”. Basically it’s a feature that could be incorporated in a blog to convert your normal visitors to loyal subscribers by submitting their email address to your Blog.

In my opinion, this is THE BEST method to virally improve your website traffic stats, I have no doubts on that as I have experienced it myself.

Why you should adopt this methodology immediately?

Each day you run your blog without having an opt-in subscription system is a huge mistake,  since each day you are missing a couple of email subscriptions and thereby missing on the huge list that you are capable of building in the long run.

How to get this feature incorporated?

  • Firstly sign up with any Newsletter service. (below are my 3 suggestions)
  1. Aweber – (my second favorite – they are paid but of high Quality service)
  2. MailChimp – (favorite for beginners and my favorite choice as they give 1000 subscribers and 6000 email outs free, then you may pay as you use)
  3. SendBlaster –
  • Next once you have your mailing list and email newsletter service created, next a widget or opti-in form on your website sidebar to attract new subscribers and build your list, send email newsletters and keep the users coming back for more and more of quality content.

This was the Trailer of the Movie!!

This is the conventional way in which webmasters over the year collect subscribers and grow their traffic, now I will suggest you a shortcut to fast success. Using the conventional method I got around 6800 plus subscribers over the years and I strictly send not more than 1 email a week to keep my crowd comfortable.

I would like to introduce a very effective method that proved to be really impressive and very effective in collecting more and more subscribers, using the same wine, but in a new bottle !

The bottle is called Pop Up Domination!

Its basically a ajax and lightbox based pop up form that is programmed and intelligent. It speeds up the process of Opt-ins remarkably.

Features of Pop-up Domination

  • Choice of a light box looks via 4 highly converting themes.
  • 15 different colors to choose from included PSD’s of the light boxes as well as an advanced area so you can edit all the CSS and code yourself.
  • The plugin supports ANY email provider.
  • You can change every bit of text on your light box to say whatever you like.
  • Ability to choose how often the light box should be displayed, at what point on page load you want it to show up, instantly or perhaps a few seconds after.
  • It literally takes only 2 minutes to set up.
  • A fee video on how to install and use the plugin.
  • Monthly newly-released template packs for FREE
  • Best of all its 60 Days money back
  • Its easy to configure ( just a wordpress plugin and you get full support)

If the PopUp Domination does not help you increase more opt-ins, then email your request for a refund and they will refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Now lets talk numbers

I wanted to review this stuff as it came from Michale Dunlop (a very prominent blogger) and I installed it on 1st October night arrnd 8 pm. Went to sleep that day by next day when I logged in around the same time, my mailchimp list showed 27 new subscribers in one day.. I usually get not more than 10 – 12 a day. So I knew, it was doing some magic.

What effect could a newsletter make on your traffic stats?

I never used to believe the power of email marketing when it comes to managing your own blog subscription list.

  • Visitors found you useful that’s why they subscribed
  • People can forget about your blog, then remind them.
  • Let your quality new content not go un-noticed.

Below was the effect of my daily traffic post I send a email newsletter.

How it would look like

GIVE IT A TRY: Take my Word!! After all you don’t loose anything and you have 60 days money back. (This was the reason that did drive me to give it a try, it worked!)

Check out Pop Up Domination! here


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