How to Use Twitter to Approach Big Brands

How to Use Twitter to Approach Big Brands

How to Use Twitter to Approach Big Brands

Lately I have been using Twitter quite frequently and have started to observe that the power of this micro blogging tool is Immense! Due to its viral nature of spreading information to all corners of the world, it is often feared and respected by Big Brands and Corporates.

The significance of Hash Tags: If you are a Tweep (Regular Twitter user) then you should be already knowing the importance of using hash tags. Even though a Tweet is limited to 140 characters, you will observe that Twitter users add keywords preceded with the”#” symbol. These hash tags play an important role in connecting Tweets based on the keyword under consideration.

Together with the message and hash tag keywords, tweets connect each other to build and form a patter to identify trending topics in the World. Hence users are capable of finding what topic is buzzing the most (trending) in their locality or niche.

Why Corporates and Brands Take Twitter so Serious: Twitter is all about flooding tweets sent by people trying to share what they are doing and what they feel about a particular topic. The powerful ReTweet feature of Twitter makes it possible for a particular Tweet to go viral form one person to another like a nuclear fission chain reaction! This could seriously affect the brand image of any corporate product or company negatively or positively.

This possibility of becoming the news as a hero or a zero, serious brands have a Twitter identity and closely watch the news, trends and feedbacks about them on the Twiverse (Twitter Universe).

How to use this power in your Favor: This is the best part! Last day, I had an issue with one of the telephone service providers and I simply Tweeted that their service sucks with the appropriate hash tags. In no time, I was contacted by the official Twitter representative for the brand and soon my issue was resolved. This incident clearly shows how you could address your issues and simply send a Tweet across to directly connect to the Brand which was never possible earlier!

I guess now you know why Twitter is so successfully different that all other popular Social services! Hail Twitter!!


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