How to use your very own Blog more resourcefully

Use your Blog as its biggest resource

Often its observed as people wander about looking for sources of information to link to their blog to increase their blog traffic and hold on to their visitors. The fact is that if your blog has already got fairly good amount of information to share with the world – rather use it well!!

There are many methods to use your blog information resourcefully to improve visitor loyalty and make your blog stickier, or rather use your blog information to its potential. Few are listed below:

  • Interlink contents of blog posts

o   Interlink your blog post contents or keywords to already existing articles on your blog to keep your users involved in the discussion and let them not leave the blog for some jargon or keyword that they want to know more about.

  • Show related posts at the end of each posts

o   Showcase the related articles on your blog that the reader might be interested in to read further. This usually works really well as readers often enjoy reading similar topics that they are already reading. One useful plugin to enable this is – YARP – Yet another related post.

  • Have a practice of developing a mailing list

o   This is one move that most bloggers repent of not doing earlier, since the earlier you start – the more you gain. Not all visitors have the time or patience to remember about your blog and come back again, so its your job to motivate them to subscribe and remind them to come back when you post a quality article. One stunning plugin that could Hugely make a difference to build a mailing list is: PopUp Domination

  • Have a good blog footer

o   Often many bloggers waste their footer space with some simple hyperlinks and this is a Big mistake. Blog footers are goldmines waiting to explode. Side bars and headers are always in demand and are occupied with more obvious content. Footers could be used to showcase your best articles, more about yourself and your blog and some quality information without wasting any space. Developing a excellent footer could be found here.

  • Promoting your old blog posts

o   Promoting your old blog posts is yet another important task to keep your blog active and you could learn that from here – How to promote your old Blog posts

  • Usage of Exit splash messages

o   Many a times its observed that when you give it a last try it pays off! So do that on your blog as well – splash an exit message to your visitors to subscribe to your blog when they leave the blog and it could really do magic too – How to display Exit Splash or Exit message for website