How to Write a Good Blog post?

How to Write a Good Blog post?

Writing a Blog post is simple, but writing a Great Blog post is difficult affair!  You might have tried several methods to regularly write content on your blog, publicize it through the social media and work on your SEO but still your blog isn’t growing the way you expected. So there is something missing and thats nothing other than good content and great writing! Today I will share few tips to help you write a Good blog post on your blog for your readers.

Have a Plan and Purpose to start with: 

Its always fair to have a plan and know what you are aiming at to write about. You might be writing a tutorial for your readers or may be you are writing about some latest news within your niche, be it anything but have a plan and purpose for the article you are going to write. Note down the objective of your post before you start off and clearly identify what the take home would be for any particular reader who would be reading your article from the blog.

Have a Blog post Structure and map it before you begin

Having a blog post structure is important as it will give your article a smooth progression just as in a song. It should have a short intro line introducing the purpose of the article explaining why you are writing this article and later progress on to the content in short paragraphs divided into several potins that are easy to digest.

The introduction, then the content and followed by the take home summarizing the important points of the article is a good approach to write a good article that meets its purpose of creation.

Style and quality of Writing

Uniqueness and writing style is something that will keep you and your blog different from your competitors. Make sure you have a unique style of writing and more importantly the articles should be crafted in simple and good english. No blogger has the perfect english and writing skills when they start off, its an always ongoing affair and you have to continue to work genuinely to improve your writing skills.

In addition to writing good quality content, you have to emphasize on formatting the post, usage of images and organizing the content appropriately.

Appropriate Post and SEO Title

we should understand that the Post title is different from the SEO title for any blog post. Since there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the interent and millions of new posts added daily, to get someone read your blog post is quite a huge challenge. Smart move is to have a very tempting post title that might sound different / foolish / surprising and this makes sure that your reader gets to read your article. In addition to this, having a good SEO title for your blog post is important to get your article noticed on the Search engine page results.

Take Home: Writing a good blog post is a combination of several factors that form a successful writing recipe. Consider every single post as a new project and make sure enough planning and effort is put into it each time you craft a new blog post.