How to write a guest post that instantly gets approved

How to write a guest post that instantly gets approved

If you are wondering what are guest posts, let me explain that for the newbie’s reading this post. Guest posts are articles published on blogs by guest authors who are not part of the blog’s editorial team.

Advantages of guest posts

There are numerous advantages to publishing a guest post and few of the are:

  • Additional exposure to the publishing blog’s readers.
  • Do follow link back to your blog from the publishing blog.
  • New readers and traffic to your blog.
  • Bonus backlinks from blogs that feed from the publishing blog.

It is a great idea to write for the top blogs in your niche to promote a new blog. Ideally it is very tricky for a new blog to receive search engine traffic, hence the best method to promote new blogs are by using guest posts and social media tools.

How to get your guest post request approved quickly

Your first step should be identifying the best blogs in your niche of expertise which accept guest posts. Once you have identified target blogs, you need to study the previously published guest articles.

Studying the already approved guest articles will certainly give you a clear picture on what the blog editor is looking for in an article to be published. Make sure you give your best shot in crafting a guest article on those lines.

Please note that your guest post should have a very catchy title. 90% of the internet readers fall for a tempting title that makes them curious to read further.

Once you have your article ready, proof read them. Further, draft an impressive email to the blog owner requesting to publish your guest post.

It is not over yet

Don’t guess that your role is over as soon as your article is published. Most of the top blogs receive a decent number of comments on their published articles, make sure you respond to each of them and keep the conversation live.

Responding to the guest post comments will leave a good impression on the author and shows your willingness to share more information to the readers. This will certainly invite more and more readers to your blog as well.

Take Home: Guest posts are one of the smartest methods to promote a new blog, Use it wisely and smartly to make the most out of it.


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