How to write articles for a New Blog

How to write articles for a New Blog

Writing articles for a new blog is quite tricky as you don’t have the advantage of past articles published on your blog. The strategy here is to get noticed and it’s quite a difficult task. For the past few years I have been helping webmasters to launch their brand new blogs and few methods that has worked well for me are shared here:

Write niche specific articles that stand out: let’s assume we are starting a photography blog and some examples of such posts could be:

1. List of the top 10 photography blogs
2. Best cameras for the year 2011
3. Most popular lenses for nikon D90 SLR cameras
4. Understanding the basics of photography
5. 10 best video tutorials to learn photography

These are often called as “Tippy posts” providing tips in a particular niche in a more generic and authoritative manner. Such posts has great demand and can bring your blog to business very soon.

Write consistently on your blog: you might be tired of hearing that content is the king! But that still stands true and you need to write great content and do that in a consistent fashion. You need not push yourselves to write an article very day but atleast 2 – 3 articles a week is necessary. Lack of consistency can damage your blog.

Keep SEO in focus while writing articles: always try to keep search engine traffic optimization in mind when you write articles as for a new blog, search engine traffic is important and will help your blog grow in faster pace.

Have a unique approach: when I say unique content, it does not mean same content uniquely rewritten, it means to present your ideas in the most uniquely possible style. People will notice and identify when you do things in a different pattern when compared to other bloggers. For example explain your tutorials with a different dimension presenting more details through your posts.

Take home: when you start a blog, it should not be primarily for money as most bloggers fail in the gold rush! No one makes money in the shortcut – it’s a give and take relationship where the “take” part comes much later, so have patience!

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