How to write guest posts for top blogs

How to write guest posts for top blogs


How to write guest posts for top blogs

Guest posting can be noted as the best method to publicize your blog, if it’s a guest post for a A list top blog, then its simply like icing on the cake.

Over the last few months, post quitting my day job I had enough time to start writing guest post for the best blogs in my niche and observed that it is one of the best methods to improve your website popularity, traffic and signups.

It is not very easy to get your article published on a A-list blog as these blogs maintain a very high standard. They accept only top content that is very niche specific. Below are few tips that will certainly help you successfully publish your article on a top blog, it has always worked for me and I never got any of my guest posts rejected by the blog owner.

Identifying which Top Blog to approach:

The first step towards publishing a guest post is to identify where you are planning to publish your guest posts. Find out blogs that are top in the niche that you already have a blog in. This makes it easier to write posts as you share a common niche.

In my case, for my niche on Blogging and making money online, below are the lists of few top class blogs that I would aim at writing a guest post for:

Similarly identify which list of top blogs you would want to approach with your guest posting application.

Identify the topic on which you want to write about:

Since you already have the niche in place, you might want to find an interesting topic you want to blog about. Make sure you select a topic on which you have expertise and authority. This will make sure that you will have enough to write about.

Always make it a habit to be right to the point and have enough facts and information on what you are writing about.

Having a Magic Title: In most cases, the title alone does the charm. An interesting title is always required for visitors to read your article. In most cases, the title text will be so boring and un-interesting that potential readers stay away from great content that you might have written.

Tippy titles like “5 tips to earn a six figure” could work well. Or Titles involving curiousness like “why you are not successful while I am” will definitely compel your readers to click on your article to read further.

Study the Destination Blog: It’s a great idea to study the blog and its posts where you are intending to post the guest article. Carefully examine a few guest posts that have been accepted and write your article in the same lines.

Be sure that there is no grammar or spelling mistakes as these are very basic but huge setbacks for a guest blogger.

Take Home: Guest blogging is an stealth weapon in your blog’s publicizing amour. So make sure you use of it regularly. In addition, when people get used to seeing you on many top blogs, they will certainly accept you quicker into their hearts as a authority blogger.

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