I need more traffic – Learn How to build website traffic

I need more traffic – Learn How to build website traffic

I very often hear webmasters scream out loud – “I need more traffic!!” Very few of them sit down and spend time and effort to learn what you need to do to build your website traffic, If you are reading this – You have taken the first step – An effort to start learning.

Don’t Buy Traffic, Earn it!

I have often observed on webmaster discussion forums several advertisements selling traffic to other webmasters. Let me ask you, why you should buy traffic and what guarantee do you have that the traffic that you receive are targeted traffic. They could even be bots, so certainly this is a bad idea.

Start with building a strong foundation for your website

Good quality unique content is the strongest foundation that you could build for your new website or blog. Visitors obviously visit your website or blog simply for the information that you publish on it, hence make sure that you give them the best value.

Adopt keyword research to identify the most appropriate topics to write on your blog that fall within your niche of expertise and spend enough time and effort on content development for your website.

Publicize your website content on the Internet

There are various methods to publicize your website content on the internet. As you spread the word directly or indirectly (using SEO or SMO), traffic to your website will gradually pick up. Some of the best methods to publicize your blog content are:

  • Writing guest posts for other popular blogs in your niche
  • Link building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Email Marketing with the help of newsletters
  • Network with other bloggers and webmasters
  • Comment and interact on other blogs and forums
  • Promote your website offline too

Publicizing your website and simultaneously building quality content for your website should be your activity cycle for the initial 6 – 7 months after launching your website and you will certainly observe that the traffic to your website is growing.

Keep your blog super clean

Make sure you keep your blog clean without any advertisements or banners unless you have enough traffic to start monetizing. Even though it could be very tempting to add advertisements, it is strongly recommend avoiding these as it could shoo away your potential website visitors. After all it makes no sense to have advertisements with less traffic.

If you are new to blogging, I strongly recommend you to visit my “start up page” that will certainly guide you with an end to end approach.

Take Home: All your favorite popular websites never got to where they are in a week’s time, there have been hundreds and thousands of hours of efforts by their respective owners to build and promote their websites. Have a patient and organized approach to build traffic to your blog – Never give up or feel down as you have successful and real examples who have done it before!


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