Importance of Blog backup and maintenance

Importance of Blog backup and maintenance

Our blogs are basically our own intellectual assets that we bank on and is invaluable as all our efforts are in vain incase a disaster occurs. In this era of black hat and hacking in practice – we should be ready for the worst.

It is highly recommended that you always have a backup plan ready to tackle such situations. My data recovery and backup plan is as follows:

1. Ensure the web hosting company keeps backups enabled
2. Take manual back up of FTP monthly
3. Take database backup monthly

Even though most good hosting companies take backup for every server regularly, we should make sure that we have a local backup for all our blogs and websites.

Regarding maintenance of your blog, it’s vital to check your blog admin dashboard atleast once in every two days to ensure everything is working smoothly as it should be. In addition to this moderation of comments, spam and user registrations are important to have complete control over our stuff.

You could use the below resources to learn more about how to take backup of your blog or migrate the entire blog to a new web hosting company.