Don’t ignore the roots of internet marketing

Importance of SEO for your Internet Marketing Blog

Importance of SEO for your Internet Marketing Blog

This is the age of the internet. Internet marketing is the source of the lion share of income anyone would make online.

I personally am simply in love with my ProBlogging job that has given me a whole new life and style of working. I used to work for a boring day job and never really enjoyed it. Now, I have quit my job and am a full time blogger and internet marketing expert.

The two reasons I never regret my decision are: I am earning better than I used to on a decent paid job, I am my on Boss. These two reasons are more than enough for anyone to take this bold step.

Foundation to internet marketing

We might come across thousands of methods, smart ideas and techniques to be successful in online marketing.

There are 100s of “gurus” who would teach you all the inside secrets of earning money online, but one should never ignore or forget the roots to a successful website or blog – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I strongly believe that if the SEO efforts and techniques on your blog or website is rock solid, traffic and success would find you for sure. There are certain blogs that I own where I have not put no other efforts apart from good SEO and I have been reasonably successful.

The advantage of having a good SEO foundation for your website is that, even if you give up all your marketing strategies and activities, search engines would still bring you a good amount of consistent traffic.

WordPress does magic from SEO perspective

Seriously, I have experienced this myself over and over. WordPress is such a wonderful framework that its already in love with the search engines.

Simply installing a wordpress blog and blogging straight away can get you a decent amount of exposure as a result of fast indexing. The wordpress CMS is so search engine bot friendly that It sets your website or blog to auto pilot.

The major advantage of wordpress is that there are a huge number of readily available plugins that can be installed with one click and it could do magic to your blog performance in terms of SEO.

I cannot live without few plugins that really help me through out my SEO efforts on my blog. Some are SEOpressor, Keyword winner, All in one SEO pack, Google Sitemaps plugin etc.

Also Market samurai is another important tool that I use for keyword research before writing an article to understand the market demands and competition.

Off Page SEO is equally important:

While I talked about the WordPress CMS, wordpress plugins – All these cover the on page SEO factors to improve your blog performance on search engines.

Equally important are off page SEO factors like: Backlink building, directory submissions, dofollow blog submissions, Anchor texts etc.

Take home: we should never ignore the importance of SEO when it comes to successfully marketing a website. On page and Off Page SEO are equally important and needs to be attended to on a regular basis for a long term success.

Hope this article on Importance of SEO for your Internet Marketing Blog has helped you.