Importance of Social Proof in Blogging

Importance of Social Proof in Blogging

If you are a webmaster, each time you visit a competitor website, the first thing that your eyes would try to find out would be either the traffic rank of the blog or the number of subscribers / fans the website has. In other words – we look for social proof to gauge the popularity of websites.

What are the different types of Social Proofs

Basically social proof is a measure of how popular your website is. There are several forms of social proofs like:

  • The Traffic rank of the website
  • Number of Twitter Followers or Facebook Fans
  • Number of Feedburner subscribers
  • Commenting activity and count on posts etc.

The above are some social proofs that could give us a clue on the popularity of the website among the masses. People often judge the activity on the website based on social proofs like comments and subscriber counts.

Should I flaunt my Social Stats?

If you have a decent number of followers, fans or subscribers – it is a very good idea to show off these numbers to your readers, this will boost your credibility and authority meters. But if you don’t have that impressive numbers, better don’t show them at all as it could spread a negative vibe of low activity.

How do I build Social authority and proof?

The first step towards building your social status would be creating enough quality and unique content for your blog readers. As the content increases over the time so will the traffic from search engines and will help improve the activity on your Blog.

Try to engage users by encouraging comments on your most popular posts and display them on your blog sidebar as popular articles to invite more engagement. Strain the innovative cells of your brain and find out some unique ideas to bring more activity to your blog. Gradually build your Social Proof and use them to spread a positive vibe of confidence to your new visitors!



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