Importance of Trial and Error in SEO

Each time I see a spike or a dip in my website traffic, I take out time to check my search queries and their status on Google webmaster tools and see where I am failing or where I am finding success and with which key words.

Your website / Blogs most critical parts that play an important role in SEO are:

  • Domain name keywords – Be creative and smart in selecting a domain name for your website. You would have great advantage over others if your domain name has the keyword within it.
  • Your website Title Tag – Do a good research while adding your title tag. It should not be too big and also it should hold the critical keywords within them
  • Homepage description should be good – Make sure your home page description should be apt and should have the keyword in correct density for good ranking
  • Home page Keywords – use Google’s adwords keyword tool

Below is the keywords query for my website on Google webmaster tools. This queries show for which all keywords you rank high and the pattern of your success or failure on those keywords. If you are dropping in your rankings, manually do a query on Google and find which has overtaken you and modify or re create posts based on that and link back on to such topics and bring them back to life!

Take Home: Its important to track your SEO efforts on your website or blog and take actions accordingly. You can depend on Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics for the drill down.


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