India – the Hot cake on the web

The Internet has been ever intensifying subject in our present world. It has not only revolutionized the way we do things in our daily life, it has in fact changed the Very Us!

The Amount of Information the internet has is enormous and so the demand it has. Now a days if we need a Burger we do a “compare” on the web before making a choice, you can even carry a serious restaurant critic in your pocket in the form of your internet enabled mobile device.

The Internet is accessed by all around the globe and one Small speck on this earth that has been seriously drawing attention of the gigantic internet players has been the Internet swarm from the Hindustan (INDIA).

Last day I did a study on the Google search query density on few keywords that were of my interest and to my surprise the numbers were alarming! Its written India, India and India all over, the Google Insights and Google Trends keeps on showing Geographic location density on India in Deep Blue color followed by US and AUS in lighter colors, but India was way above the stats.




So what do we learn from this? If you have a website targeting Indian Audience, if its gonna do well then you are gonna do very well !!

In my future articles I would bring different stats and numbers that imply a lot on the nature or trends on the web that give global signals to where we are going.




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