Infolinks Related Tags – New feature by InfoLinks

Infolinks Related Tags

Infolinks Related Tags – New feature by InfoLinks

If you have been trying to monetize your website traffic, then have you ever tried Infolinks? It’s a great method to monetize the traffic that comes to your blogs by automatically converting keywords on your blog to link advertisements.

I have tried Infolinks on my few blogs and found it to be a promising method of traffic to blogs by converting text on blogs to useful link advertisements.

Infolinks Related Tags

Lately, InfoLinks have launched a new feature called as related tags. It is basically an advertising model similar to the Google Adsense text link units. The screenshots show how these ads might look like.

This form of InfoLinks are far more effective than the regular InfoLinks ad sets, as they populate related tags that could be useful for the user looking for related information on your website.

The best position to use the related tags is below the main menu bar or category bars on your blogs, as it gives the maximum visibility to your ad units. If you are already using Infolinks, try switching to this format to improve your CTR and earnings.

How to install Infolinks related tags

To include your related tags on to your blog, simply copy and paste the below code on to your target area of advertisement on your blog.

<input type="hidden" name="IL_RELATED_TAGS" value="1"/>

The tag requires the Infolinks script to be integrated in the page; the script will identify the tag in the code and insert the related tags.

If you are interested to learn more about the infolinks related tags, check out their official release page. Hope this article on Infolinks related tags have helped you with more information on monetizing your traffic.


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