Internet Lifestyle – Earn even while you sleep

After 6 plus years of blogging on my primary blog OrangeCopper and few other blogs, websites, I decided to develop a blog focusing ONLY on how to share and teach my fellow webmasters the simple and inside secrets to live the internet lifestyle.

Then I came up with NapIncome – A dedicated blog to open the world of endless earning possibilities from the internet to our readers. Just as the name suggest, it’s so much different from the regular boring day job – It talks about the way of life where you earn even when you take a nap!!

The NapIncome concept

There aren’t any surprises on what I am going to explain here. No shortcuts and no quick earn formulas. We are talking about delivering quality and getting rewarded for the same. The concept is all about building a steady growing income that would not just disappear when you stop working and is directly proportional to the value you offer to your visitors.

Is it for me?

Now that is a very interesting questions – I guess you are already reading this because you have a hope that I could help you and you want a source that could steadily support you, help you eventually quit your day job, give you more space & freedom to think out of the box.

How does this work

As I described before, it’s all about delivering quality content. To start I would explain the business model and you should have guessed by now that it’s an internet business model.

Does this really work?

This is the age where you could find 1000s of “internet experts” explaining how they make huge amount online and simply without much effort. IT’S NOT TRUE. Not many things come free! We are talking about writing quality content and bringing traffic to a new blog on the Internet, further monetizing the blog.

Certainly it’s not impossible as well. I you are dedicated and can put in some quality time you could start earning as quick as 3 – 4 months time, as many of my clients already do.

Let’s talk some numbers

I am not going to dig up into too much of calculation; basically the main sources of my Online income are from the below sources.

Below are some screenshots of my Affiliate, PayPal, and Google Adsense. And the best part – this is the amount I earned yesterday night, (yeah while I was asleep). Approximately 200 – 300 USD. You could also do the same.

All you have do is, follow the step by step instructions I share on this blog and subscribe to the feeds and email list to make sure you do not miss out on anything. Before we start off,

Three prerequisites are:

  • Step by step know-how on how to build a internet blog
  • How to write content and publicize it
  • How to monetize your blog and when to start it


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