Is Akismet Blocking your legitimate comments as SPAM?

Is Akismet Blocking your legitimate comments as SPAM

Akismet is hands down the best SPAM assassin plugin available for WordPress CMS and it does the job pretty well for millions of blogs on the Internet.

Recently I have observed lot of activity on the OC Forum regarding Akismet wrongly blocking legitimate or genuine blog comments as spam and webmasters want to get rid of this situation. Firstly let us understand how Akismet plugin works:

Akismet bocks comments from certain email address based on the various tests done at the time of comment submission and based on the details residing in the Akismet Spam database, it categorizes this particular comment as spam or legit.

Is Akismet Blocking your legitimate comments as SPAM

As part of successfully blocking millions of spam comments on a daily basis, it could happen that a few hundred legitimate comments are also blocked. The trend of good comments being blocked is mainly due to the fact that other blog administrators might have marked the comment email ID as spam in the past. Continuing to mark the ID as non spam will gradually get the ID back out of the loop.

Below are some best practices to avoid your email ID being marked as spam in the Akismet DB:

  • Always try to write sensible and related comments on other blogs.
  • Each time you observe a legitimate comment, mark them as Non Spam
  • Avoid posting short comments on other blogs.
  • Avoid using keywords in the name fields while posting comments.

How to save your email address from the Spam sandbox

  • Report that your email address is legitimate to the Akismet support
  • Follow the best practices for posting comments on other blogs.

Take Home: Akismet is a great initiative from the developers of WordPress. Let us join hands to help them identify the Ham from the Spam and support the initiative to keep the WP CMS clean.


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